Bleaching Cream

Skin Light: Your Key to Youthful, Healthy, Whiter Skin

Here at the Hydroquinone Cosmetics Group, we provide you with the safest, most natural way to achieve young, healthy, white skin. With decades of combined experience in dermatology and cosmetics, we give our take everything Hydroquinone-related from the best products on the market like Skin Light, to some lesser known products that can be just as good, or better for your skin type or budget.

Using cutting edge technology, we were able to analyze the different combination of organic ingredients such as hydroquinone and glycolic acid, and mild skin bleaching agents which are used to create whitening products designed for different skin types.

Whether you want to get rid of age spots, wrinkles, melasma, uneven skin tone, scars, sun damage, or other unsightly pigments on your skin, you can trust the advice that you will find on our website.

Eliminate those dark age spots and get beautiful, flawless, white skin today. All you have to do is order online and we will send your bleaching cream for pick-up via one of our partner dermatologists near you.

Aside from being your source of all hydroquine-related information, THCG is also an official distributor of several products including as Skin Light, NutriLight, Hydro White and more.

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