Skin Bleaching

From Fade Cream to Sun Protection: Tips on Choosing Skin Care Products

Here at the Hydroquinone Cosmetics Group, we believe that achieving young, healthy skin is possible with the right products and proper maintenance. From toners, fade cream lotions, to products from various skin bleaching brands like Skin Light, NutriLight, Hydro White, we carry products that help you develop and maintain soft, fair, and beautiful skin always.

Aside from being your source for all hydroquinone-related information, we also make sure to provide vital information on proper facial care. We believe that beauty isn’t achieved by using whitening creams or lotions alone; you need to know your skin’s current condition and use quality products that work best on your skin.

Sun damaged skin, for example, is a common skin problem experienced by many people. Prolonged, daily exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can speed up skin aging, resulting in unsightly age and sunspots and other blemishes. To counter this, we recommend that you apply a skin lightening lotion with sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy.

It’s also important that you develop a cleansing ritual at the start of your day and before going to bed. This can ensure that our skin whitener and fade cream products are absorbed deep and the skin. You can start your cleansing ritual by using one of our many pH-balanced facial washes, followed by the skin lightening lotion that’s best for your skin type.

Here at THCG, our goal is to help you attain radiant, blemish-free skin. Together with our partner dermatologists and the hydroquinone fade cream products we carry, you can be sure that unsightly age spots, crow’s feet, and other blemishes will be things of the past.